Bikini Skydiving all the rage in Vegas

Bikini? Skydiving? Garlic? Bread? Bikini Skydiving. Garlic Bread. Who could have dream’t up such things? It’s just doesn’t seem right.

Well now it is. Don’t know who created Garlic Bread (but I love it) and now Vegas Extreme skydiving does the unmentionable. Bikini Skydiving.

So what’s all the fuss about? Nothing. It’s just a new way of liberating ones self and boy is it liberating!

Time to let go and … jump. When she was on the way up she came saying how nervous she was! If she wouldn’t have been nervous we would have been scared for her, she didn’t have the parachute after all!

Now that’s skydiving… in a bikini ( well with a jumpsuit too. It was a bit chillier that day ) Do you believe in flying! Well she didn’t either and she did!

Where’s that rip cord? I know he said pull the cord and keep it. Damn I dropped it. He only told me 20 times to keep it. Never mind. I can still smile. Have you ever tried high fiving the sky? Well She definitely did!

All smiles as I drift back down to mother earth, totally exhilarated. Loved it!

And the sisters stayed in the bikini. Yah! Now that’s a #colgate smile and #wow

Whether your diving in a bikini or jumpsuit #Vegas Extreme will have more #fun than anyone else!

Best fun with your clothes on – Almost ! Bikini skydiving.

Your turn to bikini skydive?