Meet the Team

Why Us?…We Thought You’d Ask

For most people anxiety, nervousness and even fear accompany the decision to go skydiving. At Vegas Extreme Skydiving, we understand such apprehension and make every effort to ease your mind and explain the skydiving process to you in order to insure your safety and enjoyment. We believe in the philosophy that knowledge dispels fear, and as such encourage your mind to be enquiring. To this end, we urge you to read the following facts and make the decision with whom to entrust your life and the life of your loved one.

We are the ONLY drop zone in Las Vegas:

  • to have NEVER had a major student injury or a fatality of any kind (be aware-some businesses lie about their safety record).
  • to use a PAC 750 XL, which allows us to take up to 12 skydivers at one time.
  • to pick you up to provide free transportation from the Strip to the drop zone.
  • to have the most experienced staff in Nevada.
  • to allow experienced jumpers to use our facility.
  • to have the best weather of any Southern Nevada Airport.
  • to provide free ground training to ALL first time jumpers.
  • to welcome spectators to watch as you enjoy all the fun!

In addition to this we pride ourselves in the following:

  • All staff are licensed and rated by the USPA, FAA and exceed all safety requirements.
  • Our staff genuinely wants to make your day with us unforgettable and create a memory that will live forever.
  • The chief instructor is the most experienced skydiver in Nevada with over 16,500 jumps to his credit.
  • All of our parachutes utilise the very latest computer safety devices known as cypress. these are an advanced back up device designed to operate the reserve parachute if the instructor is unable to for any reason.
  • Our aircraft are meticulously maintained.
  • We will take you on the highest jump in Nevada. (Beware of gimmicks!) The higher the jump the more free-fall you will experience and the more fun you will have.
  • We offer complimentary transport from the Strip to and from Jean Airport.
  • Our drop zone is located safely away from airport traffic and our weather conditions are the best in Nevada.
  • We are open dawn ’til dusk.
  • We have trained 1000’s of students with no fatalities or major student injuries.
  • We offer complete training packages for those individuals looking to pursue skydiving as a hobby or competitive sport.

Our staff are dedicated professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to teach our students and take pride in their achievements.

To all at Vegas Extreme… Thanks for the greatest thrill of my life!!!

I will never forget when the plane door opened and my time to jump came. The best!!! Special thanks to Eddie for being sooooo cool. I’ll be back!

Janice Blackthorn, Los Angeles

Mission Statement

Our stated aim is to provide our customers with a truly unforgettable experience, enjoyed in an environment founded on safety, friendliness and professionalism. Recommendation is based on our reputation. There is a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and the desire to exceed expectations will always be our ultimate goal.

Meet the Staff

Edward A. Carroll
Chief Instructor

Ed has been skydiving for 34 years and has over 18,000 jumps. He is a multi-National Champion and multi-World Record Holder. He is a former member of the Parachute Regiment Demonstration Team – The  Red Devils. He is a lifetime member of the United States Parachute Association and the British Parachute Association and is approved to hold ratings for both associations such as Accelerated Freefall Instructor, static line Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Examiner, BPA Accelerated Freefall Instructor and Professional Demonstration Rating. He is an FS and CF Coach. He also holds the title of Safety and Training Advisor for  USPA. He is currently the most experienced skydiver in Nevada.

Joe Keffer
Director of Operations

Joe has over 2,700 skydives and is a tandem instructor and pro rated demo jumper. He holds all necessary commercial pilot licenses and ratings with vast experience piloting skydiving operations. Joe also boasts 2,000 hours of shuttle bus detail.

Warren “Google” McCray
Assistant Director of Operations/Instructor

Warren is our Assistant Director of Operations, a USPA rated Tandem Instructor and Coach. Warren comes to us with 10 years of experience parachuting and managing flight operations which he gained while with US military special operations. After several combat deployments Warren decided to live a more leisurely life as part of the Vegas Extreme team. Unfortunately for him, we work him so hard he wishes for another deployment.

Jim Dolan

Jim has been skydiving for 13 years and has made over 5,500 jumps. He is a United States Parachute Association member and is an approved Tandem Instructor and holds a Professional Demonstration Rating. He is a proud member of the Flyin’ Elvi Demo Team!

  Jason Thompson

14yrs in the Parachute regiment 10 of which in the Pathfinder Platoon, started skydiving in 1992 qualfied in military HALO/HAHO AND MILITARY TANDEM. I also hold rating on both sides of the pond USPA AFFI/Tan/Statlic line also BPA AFF/Tan/Rigger/Static line in the UK. Currently have 8,000 descents and in my opinion VEGAS EXTREME ROCKS!

Troy (T-BONE) Pullman
Troy has been skydiving since 2000 and has made over 7,500 jumps, He is a member of the United States Parachute Association, Troy is a tandem instructor, freefall coach and is a pro demonstration jumper.
Jake Moler
Jake’s family has been involved with skydiving in Las Vegas since 1984.  He has been skydiving for over 14 years and has accrued over 2,500 jumps.  He has his USPA coach and tandem ratings.
Mr. J.D.

Has been a compression engineer for over 3 years. He is currently persuing his U.S.P.A. A License.

Jason Bruce

Jason has been skydiving for over 11 years and has made over 2,000 jumps. He holds United States Parachute Association ratings for Tandem Instructor, AFF Coach and Pro Skydive Demonstration. When not skydiving, Jason enjoys working with federal, state and county authorities to make skydiving a safer and more accessible sport. He is also enthusiastically involved with organizing demonstration jumps to benefit important charities.

John Mandernach

John has been an A&P mechanic, IA for over 25 years. He has been flying over 20 years with his Commercial, CFI Rotorcraft, and Commercial Fixed Wing. John has been skydiving for over 6 years and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Brian Moler

Has been skydiving since 1990 and has over 8,800 jumps. A U.S.P.A. member, safety & training advisor, tandem instructor and pro rated skydiver. Proud member of The Flying Elvi.

Brad “Big Daddy” Crumpton

Brad is an A & P mechanic and retired U.S. Army First Sergeant. He began parachuting in 1990 with the Army Special Operations community. He is a member of the U.S.P.A with a B license and is currently pursuing his tandem instructor rating.

Raul Bocanegra

Has been skydiving for 25 years and has over 9,000 jumps. He is a qualified Military Freefall Instructor, Coach Examiner, AFF Instructor Examiner, Tandem Instructor Examiner, Professional Demonstration Rating as well as a Safety and Training Advisor for USPA.

Among Vegas Extreme Skydiving’s full and part-time staff members, their experience adds ups to well over 80,000 jumps! You’ll be hard pressed to find that kind of experience anywhere else in the country! Trust the team with the most experience!

Team Photo Credit: Pet’ographique