Skydiving FAQs

Q.) What is it like to skydive?
A.) You have try it to find out! It’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced! You don’t get that “roller-coaster” feeling of dropping; it is more like “floating on air”.

Q.) Do I need a reservation?
A.) Yes you do. In order for us to best serve you, reservations are essential. Availability is limited.

Q.) What is a tandem jump?
A.) Making the leap of a lifetime has been made more available thanks to the tandem jump. You will be securely attached to your personal tandem-master who will guide you through the whole experience, enabling you to relax, knowing you are with a fully trained professional. This takes away the anxiety of jumping alone, and helps make your day truly unforgettable.

Q.) Why do people skydive?
A.) There are probably as many reasons that people skydive, as there are people that skydive. For some, it is intensely personal, a challenge met or an obstacle overcome. For others, it is a lifelong dream. And for others, it is a chance to “do the extreme thing” and get their adrenaline fix.

Q.) Can anybody skydive?
A.) You need to be 18 yrs of age with valid picture ID, weigh less than 240 lbs. (must be height and weight proportionate, some restrictions may apply) and be in generally good health. We can also usually accommodate people with some disabilities but please call for information.

Q.) Are you recommended by the United States Parachute Association?
A.) YES - in fact we are the ONLY drop zone in Nevada included in the USPA monthly magazine’ Parachutist.

Q.) Will I be scared in the plane?
A.) Most people tell us that they leave their fears on the ground and feel a sense of calm as the plane rolls down the runway. When the door opens at 15,000 feet and you exit the plane your fears will probably have all gone away and the sheer excitement of the adrenaline you are experiencing will take over!

Q.) Can I get a video & photographs of my skydive?
A.) We can arrange for you to have your personal camera flyer to video and photograph your skydive experience on the ground, in the plane, and to skydive with you to capture your smile in free fall.

Q.) Where do you land?
A.) For obvious safety reasons our landing area is located a short but safe distance away from busy airport traffic.

Q.) What should I wear?
A.) Dress accordingly for the conditions. During the hot summer months, shorts & t-shirts are fine as we provide jumpsuits to all tandem divers. Sneakers are recommended.

Q.) Will weather ever be a problem?
A.) We have the best-reported weather conditions of any airport in Nevada. Rarely does the weather prevent us from skydiving and usually the conditions at the airport are better than on the Strip.

Q.) Do you do group discounts?
A.) Yes, just call and ask us about our special programs. 1-866-EXT-JUMP.

Q.) Is it true you can never forget your first jump?
A.) YES! Your very first jump is one of life’s precious memories that will stay with you always. You have met a challenge, faced your fears head on, and have every reason to be proud. You are now in the elite category of skydivers!

Q.) Where do I catch the Vegas Extreme Skydiving Shuttle Bus?
A.) The shuttle picks up from the MGM Grand at the west wing. The MGM Grand is located right on the Strip at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Boulevard. For a map of the Strip showing the location of the MGM Grand relative to other casinos, please click on the “Contact” link at the top of this page.

Q.) Will I be required to sign a liability waiver?
A.) Yes, similar to almost every adventure sport facility, at Vegas Extreme Skydiving tandem skydivers must sign our assumption of risk & liability waiver agreement to receive the low prices quoted on our website. Skydivers may take all the time they wish to read and consider the agreement before signing it. The price of your tandem skydive will increase significantly without the agreement.

Q.) Will my tandem skydive count toward any accredited skydiving certifications?
A.) Yes. Vegas Extreme Skydiving is the only United States Parachute Association group member in Nevada offering full accreditations. To receive your A License from the USPA, you must complete the freefall course and make 25 skydives. Your tandem skydive will count toward the requirement. Simply advise your instructor that you would like a certificate evidencing your tandem skydive. Your instructor will provide you with a signed certificate right after your jump at no extra cost.

Q.) My friend or family member wants to watch me skydive from the plane, is this possible?
A.) Yes. You will have to book an “Observer Slot”. An observer sits next to the pilot. Your co-pilot chair is turned around backwards so you can watch the jumpers exit the plane. The price for this is $189. You pay for the slot in full on the day of the jump. After the skydivers exit, the pilot will swing the plane around to see the open canopies in flight. It is an exhilarating experience. To secure the slot for only $189, observers must sign a liability waiver. Observers are welcome to bring still photography cameras on the flight. Observers receive a complimentary VES t-shirt.

Q.) Is my deposit that I placed for my skydive refundable?
A.) Yes, provided that you give us at least 24 hours advance notice before your skydive reservation date.  You may choose to have your credit card refunded or move your reservation to another date.  If you do not provide us with at least 24 hours advance notice, your deposit is non-refundable.  If we have to cancel your reservation due to foul weather, airport/airspace closure, etc. you may choose to have your reservation deposit refunded or transferred to a new date.