Special Events

Vegas Extreme Skydiving has performed numerous demonstration jumps and donated many skydive experiences for charity events.  We have also helped the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, to name a few.

Vegas Extreme has hosted films, reality-based television programs and TV commercials, in addition to making the Top Twenty List on Things You Must Do Before You Die with the Fabulous Jubilee Showgirls. Also check-out the filming of the I Bet You season finale and the various travel shows.

Vegas Extreme Skydiving eagerly awaits clearance to perform a demonstration jump into the 2011 Superbowl Halftime Show.

Exhibition Jumps

Most people have enjoyed the dramatic impact that a well executed parachute display can bring to an event. The great skill demonstrated and the highly visual colorful modern parachutes combined with the pinpoint accuracy of a skilled jumper leaves a lingering memory for entranced audiences.

At Vegas Extreme Skydiving we are able to offer the very best exhibition jumpers in the world. This is no idle boast as our team members have previously served on the elite British Special Forces Parachute Regiment (Red Devils). Consequently our team offers a level of excellence and professionalism that is unmatched.

Whether it be for a large corporate event that needs “something extra” or a loving husband wishing to provide his bride a “special delivery” on her wedding day or simply a birthday gift delivered from the skies. There is a wide variety of applications we can achieve.

Welcome to Fabulous Camp Vegas Summer Kick-off

Jump at the Las Vegas Marathon

For more details or answers to questions, call our office.
*We insist that all our demo jumpers complete the professional demo jumpers licensing course administered by USPA.