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Las Vegas Extreme Skydiving's Testimonials

See what our jumpers have to say about Vegas Extreme Skydiving

Thanks for a thrill of a lifetime. It was defintely worth every penny. You have made me a sky diving junkie now.

I'll defintely recommend you to anyone that ever wants to do skydiving in Vegas.

Your awesome!!!
Thanks again,
Bill Brant

First, I wanted to thank you again for an absolutely amazing time last weekend. I haven't stopped talking about it; and, with hope, my Arizona friends will go beyond living vicariously through me and venture to Nevada to jump with you as well!

You Gents are brilliant!

To all at Vegas Extreme… Thanks for the greatest thrill of my life!!! I will never forget when the plane door opened and my time to jump came. The best!!! Special thanks to Eddie for being sooooo cool. I’ll be back!

Janice Blackthorn, Los Angeles

You guys rock! I waited 34 years to jump for the first time but I’ll be going back much sooner next time and there will definitely be a next time….

Vince Datillo, Las Vegas

To all you skydiving dudes - Nothing to say except Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

Rebecca Milton, England

To Eddie, Derik, Paul and The Crew - Thanks for making our bachelorrette weekend unforgettable!!! Jumping from an airplane is the most amazing experience in my life so far… Big kiss to Derik…

Shannon North, New York

To Dean, Eddie, Derrick and Jason,

Thank you so much for a moment I will never forget. Jumping out of that airplane at 13,000 feet was definitely an experience I will never forget. I can understand why you “Blokes” have been doing it for so long.

Not only was the skydive unbelievable, but the company was pretty pleasurable as well. My sister who is terrified of flying, said if she was strapped to Dean, she’d jump too.

Thanks again for a most memorable experience. I’ve included some prints of the wonderful photos from the dive. I think they came out great! I certainly have bragging rights now!

Keep flying,
Helen DiCostanzo

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