You Must Read This!

When contemplating the decision to go skydiving it can be confusing deciding where to go, so we prepared this useful information to help you make an informed decision.


Vegas Extreme: We use Nevada’s largest skydiving aircraft- the SUPER CARAVAN 208. This is widely accepted as the ‘perfect’ skydiving plane because of its powerful turbine engine ensuring a speedy climb to jump height, spacious, comfortable cabin (capable of accommodating 18 skydivers!), the large exit door allowing effortless departure with your tandem instructor AND the ability to go higher and faster than any comparable airplane in its class. It is simply the best!

Others: Some businesses only offer small, cramped, uncomfortable piston powered airplanes that can be ill-suited to meet your needs. They are only capable of taking only 1 or 2 tandems per flight. If your group is larger you will find your precious time in Las Vegas taken away while you wait for other people.


Vegas Extreme: We only operate the SIGMA TANDEM PARACHUTE SYSTEM. It is the newest, most advanced and most reliable tandem parachute system available. We are proud to announce that we are the only dropzone in Nevada offering this. No other business uses this equipment because, quite simply, it is very expensive.

Others: If the parachute system your instructor is intending to use looks old and worn out then it probably is. No other dropzone in Nevada has invested in the New SIGMA system. There is a reason why other dropzones in the United States take tandem skydivers for $5 to $10 less just to earn your business. Don’t make such a compromise.


Vegas Extreme: We carefully select our instructors, pilots and ground crew that will provide your skydiving experience. Our instructors have tremendous experience- some with tens of thousands of jumps! We require our pilots to have outstanding flight experience and hold a commercial pilot license. Moreover, our courteous and professional ground staff is dedicated to making your time with us exhilarating and unforgettable. We provide ground transportation in the form of new 15 passenger luxury vans.

Others: Some businesses operate on a ‘shoestring’ staff and budget, doubling up on individual’s duties and responsibilities. Very old, worn out unreliable ground transportation often completes their customers’ experience.


Blue Skies and Happy Landings from the staff at Vegas Extreme Skydiving!